Self-similarity -- an exhibition of the artist's exploration of the phenomena of iteration, or repetition, of patterns and form in varying scale. It represents the myriad connections and transitions of our experience -- spiraling ellipses of earthbound structures, and galaxies beyond. Star clusters within star clusters. Branching patterns in the veined networks of leaves, plant stems, and blood vessels.
Crystals within crystals of snowflakes. Crystalline lattice in minerals.  Whorls within whorls in bodies of water,  fingerprints, and woodgrain. Lightning bolts. Profiles of mountain ranges, coastlines, kaleidoscopic partitioning, music composition,cadence, fractal geometry, and more.

The digital prints on canvas, and acrylic paintings, are interconnected with self-similar components -- the fused art glass creations based on the artworks, bridge all pieces.

The new media video projected on the south wall, serves as art component and bond, linking the parts of the whole in a continuum of colour, form and design.  

Another video, documenting all process in the creation of this exhibition, is displayed on a monitor by the entrance.
 From grand scale, to the infinitesimally microscopic -- self-similarity is an endless source of inspiration and innovation.

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Self -Similarity     pORTAGE & district aRTS CENTRE
Sept. 7 - Oct. 29, 2011
Video projected center of 26' x 11' wall