Abenaki: Weaving Virtual Realities

The intricate mesh patterns of Abenaki weaving – utilitarian and ornamental ash tree splint basketry – inspire me to explore these designs in digital form.

The foundation of the virtual realities I create is based in traditional media.

Skills I’ve developed working with acrylic paint, art glass, leather, and clay, transfer seamlessly to 3D digital/new media modeling.

Abenaki Elder artists  sharing experience in their process with me was the impetus to create a new body of work – virtual interpretations of weaving.

These aren't restricted to containers or vessels – the infinite range of woven structural form potential intrigues me.

I've been working with 3D digital modeling since 2010. I began experimenting with digital art in the late 90s and find I learn something new every day. Recently, my experimentation led me to realize how I can digitally replicate basket weaving.

Through investigating the artistic potential of my Abenaki heritage in virtual environments – I can share my adaptations and hybridizations of my impressions with a view to creating a basis for new traditions.